About us

About Us

NETFLEX® (INDIA) PVT LTD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality of Warp Knitted Fabrics since 1971. We are  a textile group which has been in this industry for more than 50 years.

We specialize in warp knitted fabrics, such as warp knitted mesh, lurex, lace, net fabrics, linings, cotton crochets, jacquard fabrics, industrial fabrics, fish nets and safety net  fabrics.

NIPL is renowned for its Hi-Fashion fabrics which are used extensively for creating garments, accessories, sportswear, night wear, party wear, industrial use, bermuda lining, shorts, jackets etc.

NIPL also manufactures specialized fabrics for industrial use as well as  medical textiles.

The company has witnessed excellent growth due to its commitment to quality and timely delivery. It has achieved an undisputed reputation for quality and innovation.



Noor Mohammed Malkani awarded for his work in the textile industry

Thereafter, we looked inward to cater to the growing middle class in india

After the economy opened up we began exporting

NIPL India was established in 1971. Over 45 years, the business has diversified from making undergarments to supplying all sorts of nets, laces and fabrics. With each generation the management ensured that its leaders were trained Germany in institutes such as Liba and Kalmer.

We make German quality products made on German machines, in India



To be a socially responsible leader in fashion textiles and industrial fabrics


  • Be driven by research and development
  • Deliver innovative and superior quality products
  • Provide welfare to the people involved
  • Explore new markets and opportunities by introducing new products
  • Bring greater effeciency in operations by optimising the supply chain
  • Service clients in the best possible manner


  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • Efficiency

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